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Celltronik was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2000 and has established itself as a leading electronics manufacturer. With its competitive edge of having excellent engineering team and vertically integrated factory facilities, Celltronik has diversified its ODM & OEM businesses into smart home automation, security devices, personal care, wireless audio products.

Celltronik’s headquarters in Hong Kong is responsible for providing the supply chain management services; including customer relations, product development, sales and marketing, purchasing and financial control. The company’s production facilities are fully integrated. The company’s vertically integrated manufacturing process consist of tooling fabrication, plastic injection molding, die-casting, power coating, spray painting, metal stamping, Chip-On-Board, automatic SMT and numerous assembly lines.

Through continuous communication with customers, Celltronik able to identify new market trends and Celltronik actively participates in the development of new concepts which are realized through experienced Research and Development team of professionals. As a result of stringent Quality Control and Assurance, projects are completed in a timely manner with excellence quality. Our suppliers are approved according to well-defined requirements and are verified through regular audits.

Celltronik has been reputed for its value-for-money products. This is accomplished through economies of scale production, innovative and high efficient production process, solid engineering and design capabilities, specialized and highly coordinated management teams.

The way ahead holds great promise for Celltronik. In the coming years, Celltronik will keep offering value-for-money and good quality products which will meet the ever changing demands of the customers everywhere.


Brand - Wave Mask

Since the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic, there have been difficulty of people to look for the surgical mask to protect themselves. No matter it is in Hong Kong or other areas, living communities between each areas or countries are formed. As a matter of fact, we cast our lot with all the people around us. Therefore, we decided to come up with the same idea as other companies to help common people. Celltronik Microwave HK Limited has been in operation in Hong Kong for 16 years since it was registered in April 2004. We have a 1500 sq. meter (16,000 sq. ft) modern factory in Kwai Chung. We reallocate our resources and built a new mask production line in our factory and the cleanliness is fully comply to ISO 146441-1:2015:Class 8. We demand ourselves to build the mask that complies with standard of ASTM F2100-19 and/or EN 14683:2019. In order to control the qualities requirement and also to have a stable Meltblown Polypropylene (MBPP) supply, we have already invest a new production line for the MBPP. Hope that it can help people to get through this pandemic.

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