Company History


Celltronik Microwave was founded in 1997 in Quebec, Canada.

Innovative solution together with Engineering excellence make Celltronik’s experience strong growth from customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

In 2006 Celltronik’s new manufacturing plant has been established in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong in order to provide quick-response services to local customers.

Celltronik Microwave is an expert in the design and manufacture of a broad range of customized RF, microwave and millimeter wave components and subsystem. The company’s products are used in wireless communication infrastructure equipment, electronic defence systems, and point-to-point communication systems. These products filter, amplify and transmit and receive RF signals. Celltronik Microwave can supply products for every significant transmission standard and modulation system in the world, operating at any frequency.

Today our product range includes channelised cell enhancers, optical repeaters, RFoffice1 amplifiers as well as passive components to meet the needs of the fixed and mobile radio industry. This very broad range of products and services means that we are uniquely positioned to support radio communication system requirements, from design through to implementation.

Celltronik Microwave’s objective is to become a leading RF electronics company by utilizing its proprietary technologies and engineering expertise throughout the world and applying these competencies to markets which offer opportunities for sustainable and exceptional rates of growth and return. Celltronik Microwave addresses these opportunities by designing and supplying sophisticated and customized RF requirements and by continuing to develop its global relationships with these customers.