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Disposable Face Mask

Size : 145 * 95 mm


Description :

Since the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic, there have been difficulty of people to look for the surgical mask to protect themselves. No matter it is in Hong Kong or other areas, living communities between each areas or countries are formed. As a matter of fact, we cast our lot with all the people around us. Therefore, we decided to come up with the same idea as other companies to help common people. We reallocate our resources and built a new mask production line in our factory. We demand ourselves to build the mask that complies with standard of ASTM F2100-19 and/or EN 14683:2019. In order to control the qualities requirement and also to have a stable MBPP supply, we have already invest a new production line for the MBPP. Hope that it can help people to get through this pandemic.

Type :

Regular : 145* 95mm    Earloop: 170 mm

Large : 145* 95mm   Earloop: 190 mm



Features :

✔ 3-Layers Structure

✔ ASTM F2100 - 19 Level 1

Technical Specifications:

✔ BFE (@3.0μm)≥95,

✔ PFE (@0.1μm)≥95,

✔ Fluid resistance: 80mmHg, 120mmHg

✔ Differential Pressure < 5.0mmH₂O / cm² (< 49Pa / cm²)

✔ Flame spread (Flammability): Class 1

Certificate for masks :

SGS - May 4 2020